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“Here’s Looking at You, Kid”: That’s Not London Fog in the Moroccan Mist

Posted: Wednesday, June 20, 2012 | Posted by Lizbeth Hasse, Esq. | Labels: , , , ,

Burberry has made extensive social media efforts this year to tell the public how its iconic look and status developed over time. Companies, like Burberry, with a visual history to promote, are especially attracted to Facebook’s Timeline. 

Timeline lets users post stories and pictures in chronological order. Visitors scroll down on a Facebook page and go back in time to the initial creation of a product. 

The company can create a nostalgic connection between the visitor and the brand. The Facebook Timeline for this “156 year-old global brand with a distinctly British attitude” includes photos of Burberry’s first store opening in 1856, images of pilots wearing Burberry aviator suits, and pictures of its classic trench coat through the years. 

Then Burberry posted a photo of Humphrey Bogart (Rick) wearing an actual Burberry trench coat in that sublime final scene of the film Casablanca, where Rick stands on the foggy runway, one of “three little people” whose problems “don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world…” The Burberry caption underneath the photo reads: “Humphrey Bogart wearing a trench coat in the final scene of Casablanca (1942).”

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