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Linsanity: From the Basketball Courts to the Trademark Office

Posted: Wednesday, July 11, 2012 | Posted by Lizbeth Hasse, Esq. | Labels: ,

“Linsanity” began in February when Knicks benchwarmer Jeremy Lin unexpectedly took the basketball world by storm. Lin had received no athletic scholarship offers out of high school, wasn’t drafted out of college, and was assigned to the Warrior’s D-league three times in his first season with the NBA. 

A soaring basketball career was not generally expected from this 2010 Harvard University graduate, but, after suddenly leading the Knicks to five victories in a row, Lin was promoted to the Knicks’ starting lineup. Lin even impressed veteran Lakers player, Metta World Peace (born Ron Artest), who ran by reporters shouting “Linsanity! Linsanity!” after, with less than a second remaining, Lin scored a game-winning three-pointer against the Toronto Raptors. 

So, on the Monday after the last game of his five-game winning streak, Lin did what any good manager would advise a rising star with a catchy moniker to do: he had his lawyers file a trademark application to register LINSANITY with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

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